Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random July Pictures

Random moments in July!

Sweet friends

We enjoyed keeping Quinn quite a bit this month while Hope was going to the chiropractor. She slept alot but started smiling at us often.

My friend, Cindy, had her sweet baby girl Julia this month and we were excited to go and meet her. She is a doll with a head full of hair. I think she looks like her big brother Will. Madison and Taylor enjoyed getting to hold her while Caleb was more interested in playing with Will.


Cindy said...

We saw Taylor sitting up front with the youth group at service this morning!! She looked so grown up sitting up there. I hope all your kids have great years at shcool this year. Lauren is so excited for tomorrow. I can't believe they're in school. I remember those sweet days of playgroup like it was just yesterday. I have one more year to enjoy Allison at home. Not really looking forward to her going to Kindergarten next year.