Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Festival

I am so late on getting things posted these days.

Our Cannon Rebel is at the moment broken. We aren't sure if it is fixable. It had to be sent out and the wait it pretty long. The owner of the small camera store we deal with said it would be anywhere from 6-8 weeks before we get it back :( It takes about 3-4 weeks for them to determine what is wrong, if it can be fixed and then they call to ask if you want them to fix it. Then it takes about that long for it to be fixed and get back to us. Depending on what it cost to fix it we may just buy another, we would only need the body as all our attachments are still good. Isn't that wonderful, just in time for the holidays. We have a little Cannon power shot but it went on a trip out of the country for 10 days so we pulled out my in-laws old digital from the prehistoric days...just kidding. It is pretty old but still works unfortunately we can't find the cord to be able to download the pictures to the computer so we have to take the SD card (that shows how old it is right there) to a store and have the pictures put on a disc. I haven't been great about doing that in a timely manner.

However, now I have all my Halloween pictures back and can blog away about our trick or treating experience/Fall Festival.

The kids enjoyed themselves very much and ended up bagging about 3 lbs of candy apiece. I think the older 2 went around the trunk or treating at least a half dozen times (ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little but they had so much candy and I do know they went around more then once along with the other kids). They enjoyed some games and face painting in the gym before the trunk or treating. I didn't get many pictures b/c the card got full. I didn't want to erase anything b/c I wasn't sure we had downloaded them (the pictures on there were October/November 2007).

Madison and Melanie (they went around the gym together the whole night holding hands)

Amy and Coy (this one is blurry but still cute)

Clara playing the bean bag toss game

Caleb got a spider painted on his face

Spiderman and Cinderella (not sure why Taylor isn't in the picture)

Once Madison saw the Cinderella costume she wouldn't hear of anything else!

I am not sure why I have no pictures of Taylor that night but I did get plenty of her Halloween night and they will be in the next post.


Cindy said...

I like Caleb's spider...I wish one of us had gotten a picture of him and Will together in their matching costumes...what were we thinking???