Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dollywood Again

Over the kid's Fall Break we made a trip to Dollywood. We try to go at least once a month and we knew the fall decorations would only be up a little while longer (they close for the 1st week of Nov to put up Christmas decorations). We enjoyed riding a few rides we hadn't ridden before like the Bumper Cars, The Swings, The Scrambler, The Piggy Parade, The Flying Bees and The Ducks. I think the kids liked the bumper cars and the swings the best.

Caleb said the music on this ride was loud and annoying :)

Madison riding the Bees

Madison riding the Piggy Parade

Madison riding the Lucky Ducks

Taylor loves to ride The Shooting Star. This time Madison and Caleb rode too. I think the picture of Caleb riding is on my dad's camera.

Caleb and Matt on the Veggie Tales Rollercoaster

The kids in front of a tree of pumpkins

This scarecrow was "scaring" people. Taylor knew it was real but we convinced Caleb it was fake. Then someone walked up to it and was going to take a picture. The guy moved and put his arm around the woman and Caleb was in awe. He was afraid just totally amazed that it was real.


Cindy said...

Poor Caleb...you meanies!! ;) Can't take enough good pictures at Dollywood!

Holly Aytes said...

The last of the post should say that he wasn't afraid. He kept saying that he knew the scarecrow was real. Not sure if he really did. My kids can't get enough of Dollywood. We were hoping to spend Election day there b/c we didn't want to watch any coverage. They were closed this whole week though to get their christmas decorations up. Oh well there are some weekends this month we can go.

April said...

I just love the scarecrow at Dollywood! He/she is there every year...and it's too much fun to watch as the people who don't know about it are very surprised by it! Love it. Glad you're all enjoying Dollywood! Christmas is my favorite season up there.