Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still alive!

We are all still alive just really busy lately and having major computer issues. I have been using my parent's or my in-laws computers to do all my email checking, blog reading and facebook checking since ours hasn't been too cooperative lately. We got it "fixed" sorta about 2 weeks ago but it wasn't a permanent thing. I procedded to upload all my pictures to the computer and erase the camera thinking once we got the internet connection up and running I would blog. Well that isn't happening :( All my pictues are gone (ok not all just the ones from this month).

Actually while I was gone the computer decided that it would just crash. Poor Matt, he hated to tell me that my pictures were gone. I hated to hear that but luckily they weren't the most important pictures. While there were some really good ones (Taylor's last cross country meet, kids goofing off, pictures of the boys camping trip) they weren't my kids births, 1st time crawling, 1st time walking, etc.

Now I have these great things to blog about but no pictures to go with the words :(

Taylor is done with Cross Country for the winter....she will start up again in the spring. In the meantime we (me and her) are going to continue to run 2 mile twice a week (that is all I can commit to at the moment). She is looking forward to starting taekwando (not certain if that is spelled right) and possibly gymnastics.

She received her report card last week and got straight A's which earned her a $10 from both her parents and one set of grandparents (that would by my parents). She also let Nana pull a loose tooth while on vacation which earned her another $5. So she is getting rich at the moment and I am getting poorer :) She earned the money for her grades. She was really worried she was going to have a B in math and pulled off an A. She worked really hard for that.

Caleb received his report card too (though it is not really like a report card those 1st 9 weeks of kindergarten). He is doing well in the study part but is struggling with the rules. His teacher isn't concerned, said that is normal for boys. They have a harder time adjusting to a scheduled day. I am praying she is right. She did say he was a joy to have in class. His problem is also having everything perfect and learing to manage time.

Caleb went on a Boys Camping trip with Matt, Aaron and Aaron's family. He had a blast and can't wait to go camping again. I had some great pictures but sadly they are gone :(

Madison is loving school. She can't wait to go and asks almost every morning if she is going to school today.

So that is what we have been up to lately. I do have some pics from our trip to my Grandparent's farm that I will be posting later. And we are headed to Dollywood on Saturday so I will have pics from that.


Sara said...

Glad all is well. I was wondering what was happening with your family!

JenniferL. said...

Hello, always back up to a CD before you delete from your memory card!

Holly Aytes said...

Yes, I am aware of that now :) I normally do but it has been kinda a crazy month and just didn't get around too it plus who knew the computer was going to crash.

Ginger said...

Holly- I don't back up my photos like I should either! I really need to, but it takes a long time and I'm always in too big a hurry.
Glad all is well. I was wondering about you too! Did you lose pictures from your vacation? werent you guys going on a cruise this fall?

Cindy said...

Glad you're posting again! So sorry about the pictures, though.

April said...

You guys have been busy! Good to see you tonight, though. :)