Monday, October 27, 2008

The Glade

A few weeks ago we were able to spend the weekend at The Glade (a resort in Crossville for those readers who aren't familiar with our area). It is really nice and we have been able to enjoy a 3 stays there in the fast 6 months. This time we again gathered with all of Matt's family including and his 2 aunts and uncle who came in from Colorado. Let me tell you Matt's family knows how to have fun when together. There was lots of laughing and goofing off. We had taken some great pictures with our camera but of course lost them so are having to "borrow"pictures from NaNa and Peepaw.

Matt and Daniel looking oh so skinny :)

Aunt Anna with Daniel and Hannah (and Uncle Don in the background)

The cousins had a blast getting to play together and the weather was wonderful for that. They were able to be outside which is the best place for 10 kids under the age of 13 :) We enjoyed good food, fun games (ladderball as well as some other ones), some baby holding (sweet little Hannah), some hot tubbing/swimming, good photo opts and some paddle-boating :)

Madison loving on Hannah (also in the picture Aunt Amy and Kelsey)

Matt and Daniel playing some Ladderball

Uncle Costen and Aunt Paula playing Ladderball

Taylor loving on sweet baby Hannah

Matt and I took the 10 oldest kids out on the lake for about an hour. I really enjoyed my time because I didn't have to do much paddling :) That is one heck of a workout!

Me, Matt and some of the kiddos out on the lake

Peepaw, Madison and Shelby who is behind Madison sitting on the dock watching us

We are truly blessed to be able to spend so much time with our family. Everyone gets along and is able to truly enjoy time spent together.