Friday, November 23, 2007


I love Thanksgiving! I am sorry it is over in only 1 day. We had such a great time even though we didn't get to be with all our family. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Matt's family minus Daniel and Rachel (who we missed greatly especially since we were with them a year ago). We will celebrate Christmas with my family. This is the first year that I wasn't with my parents and sister. It was very different. We ate so much that I think I actually could have passed for a couple months pregnant, okay maybe I am exaggerated a little! Anyway the food was so good. It is amazing how 18 people can polish off a whole turkey and 3/4's of a ham. Anyway we have leftovers for a few days and that will have to tide us over for another year. Now I can be excited about Christmas! I do love this time too. In fact, I even did a little shopping this afternoon after all the crazy people had gone home. Got a few Christmas presents but I have alot already done. I definately have a few surprises up my sleeve though.