Friday, November 16, 2007

The Forgotten Holiday

I need to vent a little bit. I love Christmas! But I also love the holiday before it and it seems like it just gets blown by. (In case you are wondering which holiday I am talking about, it is Thanksgiving). I mean the 1st day of November the Christmas music starts. That is way too early. Before Halloween is even here the stores are moving that stuff aside to put out lights, trees, and ornaments. Give me a break, I need to get through one holiday before stressing about the next one. Plus I love Thanksgiving!! I mean, who can resist all the wonderful smells of all the foods that we only cook once a year. (Which by the way, why is it that we only cook some of our favorite foods once a year? I would be fine with having that meal at least every 3 months.) Anyway I just am ticked off that retail skips Thanksgiving. I know there isn't gift giving involved with Thanksgiving but there are other wonderful things that go with Thanksgiving. The most important thing: our wonderful family and friends!!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Gabby said...

Amen sister!! I have always said how much I wish people wouldn't forget about Thanksgiving!! I totally agree that Christmas stuff comes out way too early!!! Fall is my fav time of year to decorate with all of the pretty colors and it makes for some good pics too!!! :) which I also love to do!! :) Well, see you all thursday!!