Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas Stockings

The stockings are the best part of Christmas I think. Everyone buys everyone else something for their stocking (less than $10) so you have lots of little things to open. The kids really get into this because they get to pick out something for everyone. Since Madison loves penguins we were on the lookout for penguin things, Chris was needing pocket squares for his suits, Nana collects snowmen so she normally gets snowmen ornaments or decorations. It is always lots of fun!

Madison loves Holly Shiftwell (Cars 2) and had been wanting a little one...we finally found one so she was a little excited!

This year we played a joke on Caleb. We had told him since he was having surgery right after Christmas that all he would get in his stocking was gatorade, jello and pudding. He didn't believe us so what did we do...wrapped up 9 things of gatorade, jello and pudding! He thought it was the funniest thing! When he got done opening those we pulled out his real gifts!

He also got some shampoo and bodywash that looked like car oil...he loved it!

Taylor got a new Bible...she had 1 but it is kinda big and she wanted a slim one that would be easier to carry to church.