Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year which made things a little more interesting. We normally have Christmas with my sister and her family before Christmas since they are normally with her husband's family. This year they were doing Christmas with his family before Christmas so would be back home for Christmas here. We ended up having Christmas with my whole family on Christmas night. We got up and the kids were able to see what Santa brought and open their stockings before we got ready for church. The kids were happy with that (though Caleb really wanted to open all his presents) and agreed to wait until after church when Hope, Chris and Quinn would then come over and we open all the gifts as well as have dinner.

The tree and gifts before the kids came in

Caleb checking out his new Spiderman blanket and lego set that Santa left

Checking out their stocking loot

This kids after church

Madison got a new robe from had penguins on it!

Somehow we got not one picture of Taylor looking at her presents from paints and brushes as well as 10 new canvas's! She was so happy :)


Steve Burns said...

Always interesting when Christmas falls on a Sunday. Jaylin was actually the one to suggest that we wait until after church to open presents.

Great pictures!

Notsopc said...

So glad you had a nice Christmas with your family.. I remember eating Christmas dinner one time with your family.. I just am so happy that you are still all together and with a Gramma..