Saturday, November 12, 2011

Madison's House

Last week my sister came over and helped my parents rake leaves at our house. It is a never ending battle....I love the trees but the leaves drive me insane in the fall. The entire driveway was leaf free for about 30 minutes...2 days later it is completely covered again as is the deck and patio. We average about 10-15 bags of leaves bagged each week. Madison was home for part of the leaf raking so she was responsible for entertaining Quinn. Madison enjoyed strolling Quinn around the garage and driveway. Madison also enjoyed the beautiful weather and did some beautiful chalk drawings. She drew a picture of her house (with her bed) and a jumpoline (or trampoline as most people call it). We currently don't have a jumpoline but Madison is really wanting one...I am thinking birthday present next year if we can clear a spot in the backyard. Anyway she was very proud of her drawings and I was impressed too :)

Her house and jumpoline

A close-up of her house and the long blue thing is her bed

The jumpoline


Notsopc said...

I love the drawings. Oh the leaves. We have it sooooooooooooo lucky. We have a HUGE ravine in our backyard. All leaves, grass, trees, anything like that goes right in the ravine..This side of it probably has the richest soil anywhere..I can't even imagaine bagging up all of them..

Jill said...

I am always envious of people who have lots of trees in their yard. We have NO full grown trees or privacy. But all that raking sounds pitiful. You HAVE to post pics of Quinn. I have not seen pics of her forever. Tell your sis to get back into the blooging world!! :)