Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Quinn

Monday evening Quinn made her much anticipated debut! Hope went in Sunday evening for an induction. By Monday afternoon she hadn't made much progress (5 cm) and due to her age (she isn't even that old) they weren't going to let her try for long. The decided to just go ahead and do a c-section. Quinn was born at 8:24 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and measuring 20 1/2 inches long. She has a head of black hair and chubby little cheeks! The kids were very disappointed that they weren't going to get to see her until after school the next day. Taylor was especially sad as Aunt Hope had promised she would be the first to hold Quinn after her and Chris. It actually didn't seem like she had been born since we couldn't see her right away. This afternoon when the kids got out of school we headed up to the hospital. We were praying that they would let Madison in (the rules say no one under 8 unless a sibling) b/c we knew it wasn't going to be pretty if she couldn't see Quinn. Chris came out and acted like Madison was the big sister...yeah, we are sneaky like that :)

The kids were in love! They weren't ready to leave 2 hours later. Taylor actually said "I am going to spend the night".

Caleb and Quinn

Taylor and Quinn

Madison and Quinn

This is the only picture of me...I look so bad right now due to the horrible acne I have after taking steroids for a week and my eyes still look a little rough. I will just have to wait for a picture with Quinn until I am looking a little more alive :) However this is the 1st picture I have had taken of me since I lost 25 lbs and I am pleased with how "skinny" I look :)


Notsopc said...

love the pics and honestly I thought who is that when I saw the pic of you.... You need to take a new pic of you.. I wonder if Quinn might be just a little spoiled later on.. Hmmmm!!! I bet your mom and dad are thrilled to have another grandbaby to love..give her a kiss for me..

Cindy said...

Oh Holly, she is beautiful!! I love all the pics of your kids with their new cousin. Taylor looks so proud and happy in her picture.
You look great! I haven't been to church the past two Sundays so it seems like I haven't seen you in forever. Hope to see you tonight.