Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Little Valentine!

Madison had her Valentine's Day party at school on Friday since she doesn't have school on Monday. I was really hoping to get to attend but got called to sub (I have worked a 4 day work week the last 4 weeks..looking forward to this month's paycheck). I thought I might have a moment to run down there with my camera and grab a quick picture but sadly didn't :(

Here is my sweet girl working on her Valentine's Day cards

And here she is ready for her party...sporting a new tutu (this girl loves tutus)

And on another note...Madison was Superstar this past week. She was able to bring in her favorite toy (her American Girl doll), her favorite book (I am a Rainbow) and share her favorite snack (oreos) with the class. She was thrilled. She also was line leader for the whole week. Here she is headed to school one day this past week.


Cindy said...

What a cute little Valentine girl and superstar!!! She looks so focused working on her Valentine cards.