Monday, March 8, 2010

I would vote for him....would you?

Last week Caleb came home with all his papers from school for February and in there was an essay titled If I Were President. And for your reading pleasure here is my son's wise words of what he would do if he was president! Please hold your applause until the end and let us know if you want a yard sign :)

If I Were President by Caleb Aytes

If I were president I would make all the banks give me lots and lots of money so I could be rich. (see, he is totally going to fit in in Washington with this attitude)

Also there would be no smoking or lidring (littering) there would be no robbing or killing and no pollution. (high expectations son, high expectations)

Also no drugs and no guns
(the NRA is going to be all over him for that last one)

Also there would be no squwids. (yes you read that right...squids. our son hates squids!)

And there would be no devil. (not sure how he plans on accomplishing this one but I say kuddos to him for wanting to get rid of that bad guy)

These are the things I would do.

We have always told our kids to dream big and they can do anything so "Look out Washington...our son is going to come clean you up!"


Cindy said...

Super post, Holly! I loved reading Caleb's words and your thoughts, too. He's on his way!

Ginger said...

I LOVE it! Go Caleb!

April said...

Excellent! :)