Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun hairstyles compliments of Aunt Gabby

The girls both love to have their hair braided and unfortunately for them I can't do it. They so enjoyed being with Aunt Gabby last weekend as she can braid! She did their hair every day before we went to the water park and it looked so cute. I watched her and am going to attempt to learn to do it myself. I told Taylor for now I will do it at home and once I can do it w/o it looking messy she will be allowed to wear it in public. Until then she will have to settle for wearing it around the house or having Aunt Gabby do it when we are together :)


Cindy said...

Taylor and Madison look exactly alike with their hair braided. I can actually french braid my own hair (when it was long) but have a harder time doing the girls. I've done Lauren's a few times here at the house, but not when we are going out. I need to work on it.