Monday, March 30, 2009

Don's 40th Birthday

This weekend we went to Nashville to celebrate Don's (Matt's brother) 40th birthday. There was a surprise element to it, he knew his family was coming but not that some of his softball buddies from Memphis were coming in :) He also was surprised with a new is huge but he has been wanting it so everyone pitched in an bought it for him. Only bad thing is it wasn't assembled so he had to do that Saturday morning so he could cook for everyone. He went shopping with his mom and all the "surprise" people showed up while he was gone. We also decorated everything (in black and white of course) and set up all the food. Gabby had gone all out with a "baseball/softball" game food items....we had hot dogs, hamburgers, bbq bologna sandwiches, nachos, and drinks. The kids got to run around outside as it wasn't raining (at least for most of the day), jump on the trampoline and smack around a Spongebob pinata :) We almost set the house on fire with all the candles on his cake :) Then everyone took cover inside while it hailed! There were 3 tornadoes in the area but other than some flickering lights we were good. We always have so much fun with Don, Gabby and their kiddos :)

Don has played softball for years and kept lots of his old jersey's so we decorated the house with them :)

He got 2 cakes, someone must love him alot to make him 2 cakes :)

The chef with his new grill

So much little food :)

Food table

A bunch of the kiddos jumping on the trampoline

Don with his softball buddies

Look at all those candles


JenniferL. said...

that is a huge grill and it does look sad in that one picture with only 3 burgers on it!

Gabby said...

I feel so bad that you and Angie have your pics up before me!!! :) I am working on it! :) Glad you guys got to come!! Thanks for everything!!! It turned out great! He said it was a good day!!!

Cindy said...

I love seeing all the pictures of your kids with their cousins!!! You all are so blessed to have a big close family!! Looks like you all know how to have fun!:)

Melanie said...

Sounds like such a fun day! And that grill is awesome! You can do some serious tailgating on something like that.

Ginger said...

Oh how fun! Sounds like ya'll had a great time. That is a serious grill too!
We had a birthday party for JW's grandmother on Sat. I have some cute pics of my kids on a trampoline with cousins just like yours!